(Video) Fourth time’s the charm? MMA bout ends after 4th consecutive slam

In the realm of mixed martial arts (MMA), moments of sheer intensity can leave spectators in awe. One such moment unfolded during a recent match, where an athlete executed a series of four consecutive slams, ultimately incapacitating his opponent.

The stage for this intense showdown was set by the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC), a prominent MMA promotion based in the Philippines. URCC 88, one of their marquee events, took place on September 19 in Taguig, Philippines, and it delivered an electrifying spectacle for MMA enthusiasts.

The spotlight firmly centered on the amateur lightweight bout in the main event, featuring Jayson Miralpez, 19, and Joseph Lusuegro, 35. Although they had not yet ventured into the professional ranks, these two showcased impressive skills and unwavering determination inside the cage.

From the moment the match commenced, both athletes charged at each other with ferocity, engaging in a fierce exchange of blows. However, it became evident that Lusuegro had confidence in his grappling prowess, seeking to take the action to the ground. He succeeded in securing a takedown.

Lusuegro gained the advantageous top position and asserted control over Miralpez. Yet, the dynamics of the event were far from static. While Lusuegro was landing punches, Miralpez seized an opportune moment to reverse the situation, quickly maneuvering to a superior position atop his opponent.

What followed was a series of four consecutive slams by the 19-year-old Miralpez. With each slam, Lusuegro’s consciousness appeared to diminish progressively. After enduring the force of the fourth slam, Lusuegro was notably weakened.

Recognizing the precarious state of his opponent, Miralpez rose to his feet and initiated a relentless barrage of punches targeting Lusuegro’s head. Hindered by severe dizziness, Lusuegro found himself unable to mount any defense, absorbing the blows until he lost consciousness.

In response to this concerning development, the referee promptly intervened, waving his hands to signal the end of the match and declare Miralpez the victor via a first-round technical knockout (TKO).

While slamming is not an uncommon tactic in MMA, it introduces an element of danger to the sport. Some fighters opt to employ slams rather than conventional takedowns when the opportunity arises. The inherent risk lies in the force generated by a slam, capable of jolting an opponent’s head and neck upon impact with the canvas. This can lead to injuries in the neck and spine, resulting in dizziness or even loss of consciousness.