(Video) Former UFC champ Brandon Moreno makes pro wrestling appearance, submits pro wrestler with broken hand

Former UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno recently participated in a wrestling tournament in Mexico, despite having a broken hand. During the tournament, he showcased his impressive skills by defeating a pro wrestler.

Brandon Moreno’s championship defense against his long-time rival Alexandre Pantoja was a highly anticipated co-main event at UFC 280 on July 8. The intense battle between the two athletes captivated fans and was regarded as one of the year’s best matches.

The bout was incredibly close, with both pushing each other to their limits throughout all rounds. In the end, Pantoja emerged as the winner via a split decision, claiming the UFC flyweight championship for himself. This marked Pantoja’s third victory against Moreno, solidifying their longstanding rivalry.

“When it’s all over, I promise you this will be the most watched Netflix movie,” Moreno wrote in Spanish after. “I’ll be back soon friends, much love to everyone.”

Dana White was reluctant to shoot down chances of a rematch between Moreno and Pantoja and told media:

“It’s so good. I don’t know. I honestly don’t know the answer to that question right now. I don’t think there’s anybody on earth that wouldn’t want to see that fight again. It was so good.”

Despite losing his title, Moreno’s determination remained unshaken. Even with a broken hand sustained during the match against Pantoja, he fearlessly participated in a wrestling event in Mexico.

The event, Triplemania 31, was hosted by the renowned Mexican professional wrestling organization AAA and spanned three days in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Moreno’s appearance was scheduled for the second day, April 15.

During the event, Moreno faced off against AAA wrestler Miguel Castro, also known as ‘Daga,’ in a pre-determined wrestling confrontation inside the ring. Tensions escalated as Daga slapped and shoved Moreno, leading ‘The Assassin Baby’ to retaliate with a spinning back kick.

The situation intensified further when Moreno executed a knee strike, causing Daga to drop. He then attempted to lock Daga in an armbar, but the submission was interrupted by another wrestler who kicked Moreno, prompting him to exit the ring.