(Video) Former UFC champ blasts ignorant self defense teacher for wild iphone defense strategy

At times, it can be disheartening to tune in to a news channel and hear about what women are facing around the world.

In the present hour, it is crucial for every woman to learn self-defense. Although there are numerous YouTube videos and Instagram reels that provide women with techniques on how to escape from attackers, the practicality of these techniques often comes into question.

Many videos claim that women can escape from their attackers if they use certain methods, but the reality is that most of these techniques won’t work in an emergency.

Recently, UFC veteran Michael Bisping spoke out against a video where Australian radio host Jackie O suggested a self-defense trick for women.

“Don’t do this! Knew them in the balls, gouge their eyes and main thing…. SCREAM!!!!“

Bisping corrected the radio host and provided information about the appropriate techniques to escape an attacker.

Jacqueline Ellen Last, aka Jackie O, was seen demonstrating a self-defense technique in an Instagram video posted on social media.

In the video, she advises women to grab their phone and use it to defend themselves in a tricky situation.

However, Jackie O, was ridiculed by the wider public for  her method. The method was characterized as impractical.

She suggested, “grab the corner of the phone and stick it straight into the sternum, which is the most sensitive and painful part of the heart.” Bisping was not impressed by her technique and advised women to target the assailant’s eyes and scream instead.

As a legendary mixed martial artist with thirty victories and just one eye, Bisping has tried to provide women with an effective self-defense technique.

Going at the attacker’s eyes is the method Bisping recommends. However, this move is illegal in MMA and is frowned upon.