(Video) Jiu-jitsu is the best way to deal with a bully and escape unscathed

On a recent podcast episode of Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan touched upon the Gracie family legacy and the only martial art that doesn’t falsely advertise – Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The big selling point of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is that it will enable a smaller man to effectively neutralize a bigger one – as long as he doesn’t know jiu-jitsu.

This is exactly what transpired in a video that recently went viral.

Two teens were in a confrontation that appeared to be pre agreed upon. From the get go, we can observe a size discrepancy that makes the bigger teen reluctant to engage at first despite the clenched fist.

At the urging of the videographer who eloquently requests ‘Someone do something’ the two escalate the conflict.

Smaller opponent starts with a shoving match as to aggravate his opponent. Opponent fires back with a clean shot to the smaller guy’s chin – but to no avail.

At this time the smaller man decides they stood for long enough and shoots for a double leg takedown.

He’s successful in landing a low impact takedown and leaves his opponent sitting back on his butt.

Here we see that the smaller teen clearly has experience as he circles around the legs and switches to side control.

The bigger guy is kind of confused confronted with the fact that his opponent can grapple. He fails to think of a good counter or a strike to land and is instead mostly caught off guard.

By the time he thinks through enough to not get mounted it’s already kind of late because we can observe the smaller guy’s plan in the works.

Despite the rookie attempt to guillotine (which never would’ve worked), smaller guy frames on the face of the bigger one and creates enough space to get free at which point he takes the opportunity to take the back.

And quickly places a rear naked choke under the chin of his opponent. His opponent didn’t even have a proper opportunity to tap before it was all over.