Paige VanZant hired a psychologist to deal with pressure of being the favorite against Elle Brooke

As Paige VanZant prepares to face Elle Brooke in a highly anticipated boxing match, she finds herself in a familiar yet challenging position – being the overwhelming favorite to win. Despite her extensive professional MMA experience and impressive resume, VanZant is not taking the boxing debut lightly.

In an interview, VanZant acknowledged the pressure that comes with being the heavy favorite against an opponent like Brooke, who is primarily known for her social media presence and influencer status rather than her combat sports background. However, VanZant remains determined to approach the fight with the same level of preparation and intensity as she would for any other bout.

“I’m putting the same into it as if I’m fighting Felice Herrig. It’s kind of that same situation. I’m gonna get ready for war,” VanZant stated, referring to her previous UFC experience against top-level opponents.

To help her navigate the mental challenges of being the favorite, VanZant has enlisted the services of a sports psychologist. This decision highlights her commitment to leaving no stone unturned in her preparation, both physically and mentally.

“I’m working with a sports psychologist now, and it’s really just going in there and being as prepared as possible,” VanZant explained. “If I can just go in there and be prepared and as confident as I feel right now, then, yeah, I’m gonna show everybody exactly why what they’re thinking is correct.”

Despite the external noise and expectations, VanZant remains focused on the task at hand. She dismisses the notion that she’s fighting solely for relevance or money, stating that she fights because she loves it and wants to showcase her hard work and dedication in the gym.

As the event approaches, VanZant’s experience and professionalism will undoubtedly be tested against Brooke’s determination and passion for boxing. Regardless of the outcome, VanZant’s decision to seek the guidance of a sports psychologist demonstrates her commitment to overcoming mental obstacles and performing at her best.