(Video) Korean Zombie jokes Max Holloway changed the whole MMA game with his ‘stand and bang gesture’

Former UFC featherweight contender Chan Sung Jung, known as “The Korean Zombie,” has revealed the surprising impact of Max Holloway’s iconic “stand and bang” gesture on amateur MMA leagues.

Holloway, one of the biggest names in the UFC, is renowned for his electrifying performances and his signature move, where he points to the ground, challenging his opponent to an all-out brawl in the center of the octagon. This gesture has become a fan favorite, particularly after Holloway’s epic clash with Justin Gaethje at UFC 300.

With just seconds remaining in the fight, Holloway issued his trademark challenge, luring Gaethje into an intense exchange. The Hawaiian then landed a massive punch just before the final bell, knocking out Gaethje in one of the most memorable moments in UFC history.

The viral highlight reel propelled Holloway’s “stand and bang” gesture into the mainstream, and according to The Korean Zombie, it has now found its way into amateur MMA leagues. In a recent video on his channel, Jung revealed that many amateur athletes have been fired up by the trend, mimicking Holloway’s iconic move and challenging each other to brawl in the center of the stage.

“Max Holloway changed the whole MMA game,” The Korean Zombie jokingly remarked, showcasing clips of amateurs engaged in heated exchanges after emulating Holloway’s gesture.

Despite moving up to the lightweight division, the 32-year-old Holloway continues to prove his prowess as one of the UFC’s most dangerous strikers. With his next bout likely to be a return to the featherweight division, where he’ll challenge reigning champion Ilia Topuria, fans can expect another electrifying performance and perhaps another opportunity to witness Holloway’s striking prowess.