(Video) Lmao: Islam Makhachev has the best take on How many chickens it takes to kill a lion


UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev gave a hilarious response when asked the odd hypothetical question of how many chickens it would take to kill a lion.

In the exchange transcribed below, Zubaira Tukhugov and Makhachev are initially asked “How many chickens do you need to kill two lions?” Tukhugov’s response starts off attempting to engage with the strange query, asking for clarification. But he quickly realizes the absurdity of pit chickens against lions.

“It’s impossible,” Zubaira Tukhugov states bluntly when asked how many chickens it would take. “No matter how many there are, they are still chickens. There are lions, but it’s impossible.”

When pressed that it “must be” possible for enough chickens to defeat a couple lions, the Dagestani champion doubles down: “They must be from KFC, low quality, very spicy.”

“The lions will die from overeating.”

Makhachev’s reaction perfectly captures the ridiculous nature of the question. Of course chickens, even in vast numbers, would be no match for the king of the jungle. His quippy comparison to low-quality KFC chicken just adds to the humor.

While hypothetical brain teasers can sometimes spark creative thoughts, there’s zero chance any number of chickens could take down a lion. Thanks to Makhachev for providing some laughs and obvious common sense in dismissing such an unrealistic scenario.