(Video) Donald Trump hit Colby Covington with the most backhanded compliment of all time

Former President Donald Trump recently shared a light-hearted moment with UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington during a campaign event. Trump joked about almost betting against Covington in the past due to his tough opponents but ultimately backed him, leading to a humorous exchange between the two.

Covington, a prominent figure in the UFC and a staunch supporter of the Republican Party, has frequently expressed his admiration for Trump. Their camaraderie was on display during a recent campaign event in Arizona, where Trump teased Covington with a backhanded compliment, remarking on his fighting prowess and his unassuming appearance.

“I almost bet against him. I’d look at some of these guys [UFC athletes] and I would say look, ‘I love Colby but I’m going to have to bet against him’. But I didn’t. Because I didn’t have the courage and I bet on him and I won a lot of money with you.” Trump said.

He added, “Look at him. He looks like a regular, normal human being until his clothing comes off then he looks like superman. So, we love you. You’re going to have great fights coming up and we’re going to be with you, man.”


Trump playfully recounted considering betting against Covington in previous fights but ultimately chose to support him, leading to a jovial exchange between the two. Additionally, Trump expressed his admiration for Covington’s physical prowess, comparing him to Superman once his clothing comes off.

While Trump’s remarks were in good humor, he also playfully challenged Covington, suggesting that with a few weeks of training, he could potentially defeat him in a match. This friendly banter highlights the close relationship between Trump and Covington, as well as Trump’s appreciation for mixed martial arts.

Despite his recent inactivity in the UFC, Covington remains a top contender in the welterweight division. His past encounters, including a bout with champion Leon Edwards, showcase his skill and determination in the octagon. With his continued presence in the sport, Covington’s future fights promise excitement and fierce competition.