(Video) Cutwoman takes a tumble in the cage as she is struck by martial artist during celebrations

A competitor knocked a cutwoman down to the mat in excitement recently.

“Dear cutwoman, Welcome to the Folly of the Year running.”

Billy Brand had an exhilarating bantamweight bout against Pedro Juarez in Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat 12. As Brand celebrated his victory with excitement, the cutwoman stepped inside the ring.

In an accidental moment, he mowed her down. But he quickly extended a helping hand to get her back on her feet.

The match itself was intense, with both competitors exchanging blows and displaying remarkable skills. Eventually, Brand secured a late third-round TKO win over his opponent.

With the win, Brand brought his career stats to an impressive 4-1. With this remarkable performance, Brand is undoubtedly an exciting bantamweight prospect to keep an eye on in the promotion.

Swayze Valentine is the first cutwoman in UFC history. She spoke about what it was like working in the octagon.

In the world of MMA, combatants employ diverse combat sports styles. This often leads to injuries during intense competitions. To tend to minor injuries like cuts and bloody noses, cutmen or cutwomen step in to provide crucial care.


In the realm of professional MMA bouts, the responsibility of taking care of the competitors during the bouts has been primarily shouldered by men. However, Swayze Valentine defied norms when she embraced this crucial job.