(Video) 400 lbs youtuber gets boxer shorts taped so they don’t fall off during bout

In a recent boxing event at Wembley Arena in London, England, social media influencers WingsOfRedemption and Boogie2988 faced off in a highly anticipated match. Despite their lack of boxing skills, the two internet celebrities did not disappoint fans in attendance as they traded blows.

Weighing a combined 800 pounds, these internet stars went toe-to-toe. They threw everything they had at each other.

Some may argue that the match was the epitome of everything wrong with the state of contemporary boxing. Some fans found it entertaining, while others considered it a negative portrayal of the sport.

The super-heavyweight duo made their ring walks and entered the ring to start the match. Wings came out strong and landed a good one-two punch that startled Boogie. Boogie struggled to find his footing, and Wings backed him up against the ropes.

The referee issued Boogie a standing eight-count. After he beat the count, his corner had to tape up his shorts which were falling down.

The weird scene saw Chase DeMoor hastily wrapping tape around Boogie’s waistline before the round resumed. Wings took advantage of the situation and landed a good uppercut and right hand before the end of the first round.

Boogie2988 tried his best to keep up with his opponent but was no match for WingsOfRedemption’s assertiveness. In the end, Wings emerged victorious in the second round by way of TKO. The match left fans entertained yet slightly sad and disgusted.

In an interview, Boogie shared his inspiring journey and how he overcame hurdles to make his first ring walk. He revealed that he had gastric bypass surgery, which helped him lose weight. Boogie also focused on his mental health and saw a therapist earlier in the year, which helped him realize how wrong he was about life.

“I think it’s a miracle that I’m here, six years ago I got gastric bypass surgery and lost 200lb. I’ve also focused on my brain, I saw a psychedelic therapist earlier in the year and I realized how wrong I was about life. I was also so afraid and scared of everything. I realized the point of life is a game to be played to have fun.”

The seventh co-promoted event by Misfits Boxing and DAZN will feature a match between social media star KSI (3-0) and boxer Joe Fournier (9-0, 1 no contest). Fournier has nine career knockouts to his credit, making it a highly anticipated match.