UFC’s Sean O’Malley and partner go viral after fan stumbles onto them soliciting romantic partners

UFC Bantamweight star Sean O’Malley has always been a topic of discussion in the MMA community.

Whether it’s his debatable losses or his friendship with controversial rapper Tekashi 69, the 28-year-old has often faced criticism. However, this time, it’s his open relationship with wife Danya Gonzalez that’s caught everyone’s attention.

Recently, an anonymous Tinder user stumbled upon Sean and Danya’s Tinder profile. The account, under Danya’s nickname “Dany,” features a profile picture of the couple kissing and a message that reads, “Looking for an open-minded girl to hang out with. Let us take you to dinner.” The profile also includes their Instagram accounts.

While it’s unclear if the profile is legitimate, the MMA community speculates that it could be real as Sean and Danya have been in an open relationship for almost seven years. The couple has been very public about their unconventional relationship, which allows them to see other people.

Danya is the owner of Hairapy by Danya, a hairdressing salon in Phoenix, where she met Sean before he became a UFC star. In a recent episode of “Food Truck Diaries,” Sean revealed that they’ve been together long before his UFC career took off.

During an appearance on the “Full Send Podcast” in December 2021, Sean shed light on his open relationship with Danya. He shared that their relationship isn’t about owning each other and that they’re both free to see other people. Sean even talked about their throuples, claiming that they were the coolest thing that ever happened in their relationship.

While open relationships are a complex topic, Sean and Danya seem to have found a way to make it work for them. They’ve managed to disregard social norms and have a flourishing relationship.