UFC flyweight cops to having staph where the sun don’t shine following victory against Jin Yu Frey

In a surprising turn of events at UFC 294, emerging women’s flyweight contender Viktoria Dudakova secured a decision victory against Jin Yu Frey. However, this win may have come at a significant cost.

In her post-bout press conference, the Russian disclosed that she had been battling a staph infection for the past month. However, she chose to conceal it in order to compete.

The Russian tweeted:

“For the past month I has staph infection and actually my back side is completely bolldied up right now. I have satph infection in places that isn’t necessarly okay to announce to the whole world.”

This revelation has not only jeopardized the well-being of all athletes participating in UFC 294 but has also sparked outrage among MMA enthusiasts.

Below are some of the reactions from the community:

@Doctor__Remulak empathized with the competitors on the card, expressing his apprehension: “Great. [If] That’s the canvas I get my face pushed up against later… I’d be pissed.”

@The_Real_Sehorn voiced concern for her opponent, who now faces potential exposure: “I feel bad for her opponent, who probably has staph now.”

@I_am_Cullen asserted that there should be consequences for Dudakova’s actions: “She needs to be suspended. This is not ok.”

@Atvasco84 shared his discomfort with the graphic information: “Well that’s definitely some disgusting info I wish she didn’t share. 🤢🤢🤢”

@iflowmannMMA strongly criticized Viktoria Dudakova, emphasizing the importance of professionalism: “Man, no disrespect, but she wouldn’t be allowed back to the gym moving the way she’s moving. You absolutely do not get on the mat like that. That s*** is nasty. She needs to get it together on a professional level.”

@jmacyourlife suggested immediate action against: “Should be cut immediately for this.”

Viktoria Dudakova’s decision to compete with a concealed staph infection has raised significant concerns within the MMA community. The potential repercussions for both her and her opponents are a cause for serious reflection. The UFC organization will undoubtedly need to address this issue to ensure the safety and well-being of its athletes in future events.