UFC 289: Zahabi demands lavish gift from Drake as opponent thinks it’s still R2

In a thrilling display of skill and power, UFC bantamweight contender Aiemann Zahabi secured a stunning victory over Aoriqileng in just 64 seconds at UFC 289 in Vancouver. Zahabi’s knockout performance sent ripples through the arena, capturing the attention of both fans and fellow stars alike.

The bout began with Aoriqileng launching a series of heavy calf kicks, aiming to establish dominance early on. Zahabi, however, swiftly adjusted his strategy, maneuvering back into the center of the Octagon.

As Aoriqileng attempted another calf kick while retreating, Zahabi seized the opportunity and caught the leg mid-air. Responding with lightning-fast reflexes, Zahabi unleashed a powerful overhand right, narrowly missing his opponent’s raised chin. Yet, it was his left hook that proved to be the game-changer, landing with devastating impact and rendering Aoriqileng unconscious in a single, decisive blow.

Aoriqileng got up from the chair thinking that round two is about to start.

Following his remarkable victory, Zahabi addressed the crowd during his octagon interview with Daniel Cormier. Ever the charismatic figure, Zahabi playfully made a special request to none other than music icon Drake, who has shown his support for UFC fighters in the past. With a smile, Zahabi stated, “And if Drake is listening, a nice 41mm Rolex would be perfect too.”

It’s worth noting that Zahabi isn’t the first UFC star to seek out Drake for a luxury timepiece. The rap star previously wagered a significant sum on UFC stars  Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann, walking away with a substantial win. In response, Pimblett and McCann humorously requested Rolexes as a reward, and Drake happily obliged.

With his resounding knockout victory, Zahabi marked his triumphant return to the Octagon after a long-awaited opportunity to compete in his home country of Canada. After months of anticipation, the Canadian delivered an electrifying performance, igniting the crowd with his knockout power.

Zahabi’s call for a Rolex from Drake adds a touch of lightheartedness to the mix, showcasing his playful personality and connecting with fans who eagerly await his next outing.

Official Result: Aiemann Zahabi defeats Aoriqileng via KO (1:04, Round 1)