UFC 288 presser highlights: Cringe king Henry Cejudo punts pillows, disses O’Malley & more

Henry Cejudo’s return to the Octagon at UFC 288 against Aljamain Sterling has generated much buzz, thanks to his unique antics. The former two-division champion, known as Triple C, engaged in some trash talk with Sterling during the pre-event press conference.

Additionally, he kicked the pillows of Sterling, Sean O’Malley, and Alexander Volkanovski at the face-off section, which has created quite a stir.

After a three-year layoff, Henry Cejudo is making his way back to the Octagon this Saturday night. He previously held the Bantamweight strap until 2020 when he vacated the title.

He has now returned to the same weight class with the intention of regaining the title he once held. However, his opponent, Aljamain Sterling, has had a successful reign as the UFC Bantamweight Champion.

Both Cejudo and Sterling have had oddball moments relating to their nationality. Cejudo claimed he wasn’t a Mexican while endorsing a Republican candidate, meanwhile Sterling is an American citizen born in New York to Jamaican parents. The two even argued about it previously with Sterling hitting back at Cejudo after the latter didn’t consider him American, pointing out that he is an American citizen, born in New York to Jamaican parents.

During his retirement, Cejudo was quite active on social media, engaging in Twitter wars with various UFC stars, including Aljamain Sterling and Sean O’Malley, both of whom he had a social media encounter with.

As the UFC 288 press event approached, Cejudo kicked dummies with the faces of Sterling, O’Malley, and Volkanovski, perhaps as a way of taunting his opponents.

Cejudo’s antics could indicate what he is targeting after UFC 288. While his bout with Sterling is already on the cards, a potential event with Sean O’Malley could be intriguing.

Cejudo has also called out Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski in the past, although the two have never engaged in a social media dialogue.

If Cejudo wins at UFC 288, Dana White and the UFC may consider booking a Bantamweight vs. Featherweight championship bout. However, it is too early to make any assertions considering Cejudo’s history of being barely marketable.