Aljamain Sterling slams Cejudo for ‘wanting to bring the title back to America’

UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling hit back at Henry Cejudo following some interesting comments.

Cejudo has been trying to unretire for quite a while and is having difficulty getting interest despite the fact he was one of the select few that became champions of multiple divisions at once.

Cejudo has also been campaigning and seems to be trying to distance himself from his Mexican heritage despite having represented both countries previously.

“And you guys will never see me, as much as I love my culture, you guys will never see me with the Mexican flag, because this, this country, has given me so much at the.”

Sterling was pretty much pissed after Cejudo didn’t consider him as an American.

Aljamain Sterling defended his title for the second time at UFC 280 last weekend against TJ Dillashaw. He TKOed Dillashaw in the second round. Unfortunately, ‘Funk Master’ failed to prove his skill once again thanks to Dillashaw’s shoulder getting dislocated two-times.

Following his showdown at UFC 280, former UFC two-division champion Henry Cejudo called out Sterling for a title bout. Cejudo was a flyweight and bantamweight champion who left the UFC in 2020/ ‘Triple C’ currently is planning to return to compete in MMA. He entered the USADA pool back in April.

It looks like Cejudo is ready to return to the octagon anytime soon. He took to his Twitter account to call out Sterling and also mentioned UFC president Dana White.

“Congrats [Aljamain Sterling]. I’m next.” Cejudo wrote. He added, “Yo [Dana White] give me the next title shot! Let’s bring this title back to America.”

Not stopping there, in a video, Cejudo called him out again saying how he is going to return the bantamweight belt to America. He also talked about how he knocked out Dillashaw in 32 seconds back in 2019 when he was defending his flyweight belt.

“Well congratulations Alja-sh*t-stain. You get to keep beating my leftovers. Congratulations. I took that dude out in 32 seconds! Let’s not forget, all you guys are babysitting my belt. All you sorry *ss 135-pounders, there’s one king and his name is Triple C. You’re gonna get it. Sign the contract, ho!” Cejudo said.

Little did Cejudo know that Sterling is an American-born Jamaican. He was born in New York to Jamaican parents and is an American citizen despite commonly representing Jamaica (while flags were allowed for walk outs and in the cahe).

Sterling hit back at Cejudo during an interview with MMA News.

“The title is in America, you bonehead. What are you talking about? I’m an American citizen. My parents are Jamaican. They were born in Kingston, born and raised. Their parents were born in Jamaica as well. I’m a first generation Jamaican American.”

“Stop saying that stupid sh*t. Like, it’s so stupid. I’m a proud American. I’m proud of my roots in Jamaica as well. So I don’t know what he’s talking about, bring the belt back to America. The belt’s in America already, baby! It ain’t going nowhere.” Sterling said.