Thor Bjornsson wants Eddie Hall to wait two years and one tattoo for the right to rematch

The winner of the heaviest boxing match in history, Hafthor Bjornsson has urged his former opponent Eddie Hall to honor their wager that was agreed upon before the match.

Both strongmen were in agreement that a loser shall get a tattoo of the winners name along with ‘World’s strongest man’  along with a sizeable charitable donation in order to secure a rematch.

But it’s been over a week since the showdown and Bjornsson seemingly hasn’t seen his rival honoring the tattoo bet.

He then took to YouTube to urge Hall to get the tattoo if he is really serious with the rematch.

“It’s nice to hear that you are going to honor your bet, Eddie. It’s nice to hear you are going to give $20,000 to a charity and you want to get a tattoo, but I got a bit confused by your video,” he said.

“If I want to refresh my memory, you said that you were going to get the tattoo if I sign the rematch clause. You lost the fight and you’re supposed to get the tattoo. I know you want to take your time and do it on your time, I respect that but don’t take too long.”

Bjornsson then also added a limit for the rival to ink the tattoo.

“Let’s get this done within a month at least. I’ll give you time but let’s not drag it out too long. You need to get this tattoo done, where I don’t care, size I don’t care, colour I don’t care. Just get it done so it’s readable.”

“People should be able to read the tattoo, that’s it. I don’t care if it’s on your foot, calf, ass or under your hair, just as long as you can show people you got the tattoo. Honour your words, myself and the fans are all excited to see that done.”

But even with the tattoo and donation, Bjornsson added that he won’t rematch Hall immediately. He currently has other names in mind, like former strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski and bodybuilder Martyn Ford. 

“I think the right way to do this is for Eddie to have some fights and for me to have some fights.”

“If we both win our fights we can build some more hype for a future fight.”

“I would love that maybe in a year or two years me and Eddie can fight again.”

“But fighting right now again I don’t think is the right choice, I think fighting in a year or two is something that can be more exciting.”

Bjornsson successfully outpointed the fellow strongman Hall over a six-round bout where he dropped ‘The Beast’ two times to secure a unanimous decision victory.