Sean Strickland explains why he went overboard sparring a streamer

Sean Strickland recently found himself in a heated sparring session with the contentious online personality, Sneako. The encounter, captured on a live stream, showcased questionable behavior from Strickland, leaving Sneako with a bloody nose and ignoring multiple towels thrown in.

Strickland, who last faced against Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297, expressed lingering frustration from his split-decision loss in the title bout.

The intensity of his emotions was evident as he sparred with Sneako at the UFC Apex, escalating the session beyond its initial pace.

Afterwards, Strickland explained to Sneako why he was going that hard.

“Hey, the fact you did not fall down blow by blow. That’s a testament.”

Sneako prompted: “You were testing me?” To which Strickland responded in the affirmative.

Sneako was warned about Strickland’s behavior beforehand by former UFC star, Jake Shields.

Despite the warning he chose to go ahead with the sparring.

This encounter adds to Sneako’s foray into the combat sports world, following a public dispute with ONE Championship’s Mikey Musumeci. While tensions flared during the sparring session, it concluded with mutual respect between the two.