Sean Strickland blasts Pat Barry again over Rose Namajunas relationship in addition to bad coaching

Pat Barry may have told Ariel Helwani him and Sean Strickland are friends but the UFC middleweight certainly isn’t feeling very friendly. After firing off a response to Barry’s comments and to Matt Mitrione’s sad attempt to defend Barry, Strickland is back to his old tricks and blasting Pat.

“Sean Strickland and I are actually kind of a cool, we’re actually kind of friends. Actually. We’ve had every time we see him, we laugh and joke with this dude all the time.”

Strickland doubled down on his accusations in a video he posted on social media.

“So Matt Mitrione,I heard you had some s**t to say about me and how what I said didn’t sit well with you. ”

“Well, let me tell you Matt I don’t give a f**k what’s that’s what was your f**king can when’s the last time you want to f**k and fight aren’t you like when a right now? You’re a f**king loser. ”

“Me and you aren’t even the same f**king category. I’m going to address what you said about Pat Barry waiting till she was 18”

“Do you understand what f**king grooming means? And mind you? I don’t give a f**k about Rose. I’m gonna give a f**k about you. I don’t give a f**k about Pat.”

“I’m just stating the fact that f**king Rose was groomed but Pat Barry and you defending him you f**king lose your mind illegal f**king check what’s on your f**king laptop? ”

“You f**king can. And Jim West. You’re the same f**king weirdo. I don’t understand why nobody f**king talks about you. But we all f**king know what you’re doing to”

Then in the latest round of comments, Strickland took a lighter tone:

“I wanna tell you a joke: What is two things, you never want Pat Barry to do? One, train you for a title fight. Two, babysit your daughter.”

Strickland even created a custom thumbnail for the post depicting Barry in front of a playground.

As a reminder Barry was put on the spot regarding relationship timeline during an interview with Ariel Helwani – he refused to clear the air and instead pointed out that Namajunas was a victim of abuse in her childhood and how that meant he was not abusive. Hashtag MMA math anyone?

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