Ryan Garcia honors bet, gives $1.5M To Devin Haney For Missing Weight

The boxing world is abuzz with anticipation as two formidable stars Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney gear up to clash for the prestigious WBC Super Lightweight Championship. The event will be held tomorrow at Brooklyn, New York, and promises an electrifying spectacle that fans won’t soon forget.

However, it seems like Haney (31-0) is upset with his opponent since Garcia (24-1) missed weight for the huge main event.

Garcia failed to meet the weight requirements for the title bout. While Devin Haney demonstrated professionalism by tipping the scale at the designated 140lbs, Garcia registered at 143.2lbs.

Garcia’s weight miss comes with a hefty price tag. As per the bet between the two boxers, Garcia now owes Devin Haney a staggering $1.5 million. He needs to pay a penalty of $500,000 for each pound that he exceeded beyond the stipulated limit.

Garcia said: “I did my best to make this weight. I put myself through hell. Yeah, yeah. yeah, suck my d***!. At the end of the day, I’m the best fighter here. I’m gonna knock him out, and everybody’s gonna be cheering, watch!”

Garcia says he’ll follow through on the weight bet, giving Haney $1.5 million for what he views as “light work.”

Haney claims that at least Garcia was a man of his word. He wrote on X: “Ryan honored the 500k per pound”

Ryan Garcia remains steadfast in his confidence, expressing unwavering belief in his abilities. Despite the weight-related setback, Garcia boldly asserts his superiority, vowing to deliver a knockout performance that will resonate with fans worldwide.

Garcia’s journey to his last face-off with Haney garnered even more media attention. Garcia stepped upon the scale and chugged what seemed to be a whole bottle in front of the audience. He then flexed in front of the cameras.

Regarding Garcia’s weight miss, Haney said: “He’s very unprofessional. I’m a true professional. I told him yesterday his antics will betray him and this is just the start. Tomorrow, the world will see that I’m levels above this average fighter… It don’t matter what weight he came in. I’m a true champion, and I will show it.”