Reality TV star arrested after headlocking a woman at Floyd Mayweather boxing bout

In a surprising turn of events, reality TV star and rapper Joseline Hernandez (famously known as ‘the Puerto Rican Princess’) found herself in legal trouble after engaging in a physical exchange with fellow rapper Big Lex. The incident took place on Sunday night following a Floyd Mayweather boxing match at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida.

Hernandez was arrested the following morning and faced four different charges, including trespassing and battery. She assaulted the 26-year-old rapper and reality star, Alexis Wilson.

Hernandez was arrested on Monday morning

Hernandez was a star on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and had performed earlier in the evening as part of the scheduled entertainment for the event.

Hernandez famously appears on Joseline’s cabaret – another reality series we’ve talked about. Season one featured an exotic dancer with a background in wrestling which produced a number of amusing scraps between contestants.

However, clips emerged showing the escalating tensions. Hernandez ended up breaking free from attempts to restrain her and indiscriminately throwing punches at anyone who intervened in the match.

Interestingly, the clash between Hernandez and Wilson was not the only altercation that marred the evening’s proceedings. Moments earlier, another brawl had broken out in the boxing ring itself involving John Gotti III. Despite the referee calling off the match, Gotti III continued to throw punches which led to chaos inside the ring.

As captured in a video shared on social media, Big Lex was seen being assisted by security guards and moved aside. Afterward, Hernandez is seen striking a security officer in the face. She yells “Get off me,” and attempts to push past him.

Not stopping there, Hernandez proceeded to hit another woman on the back. The situation escalated when a bystander threw a drink at Hernandez, triggering additional confrontations. Then in the distance, people could be heard gasping in surprise.

Coincidentally, John Gotti III sparked yet another brawl on the very same night and at the same venue. His actions triggered an outburst from both teams as they entered the ring and engaged in their own physical altercation.

After the brawl eventually subsided, John Gotti III’s sister Nicolette took to Instagram to post a threatening message directed at Floyd Mayweather’s daughter.

She wrote: “@floydmayweather your daughter was ran through by a animal with 12 different baby mamas – your little circus animal – you’re all a pack of zoo animals… I swear on my kids I’m coming for your daughter it may be 2 years 3 years from now but I’m coming c***.”