(Video) UFC’s Angela Hill reacts to exotic dancers scrapping on the must-see reality series

Joseline’s Cabaret is a reality series started by Joseline Hernandez after she had quit Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta after six seasons.

Joseline had signed a deal with Zeus Network, a subscription-based influencer-driven streaming service to deliver her own show – Joseline’s Cabaret.

The show focuses around Joseline Hernandez as she struggles to launch a cabaret show in Miami, Florida.

The show is set in G5ive Miami, a strip club where Joseline worked a decade ago, and provides an inside look into the every day lives of strippers and sex workers.

One of those dancers in particular had a wrestling background which made for TV gold, at least for us, MMA fans out there.

UFC strawweight Angela Hill happened to get exposed to the hilarious carnival that is Joseline’s cabaret and let a comment: “How is she not in UFC yet?”

And we wonder the same thing, considering the star power and the clear level of wrestling skill she possess.


Helpful commenters went on to add that there are multiple wrestling scenes on the show along with the comment: “One: that double leg, Two: The new Venum uniforms are different”

Another onlooker observed: “She will be receiving a 50K  performance bonus in the mail “.

“This clip shows more talent than all slap fights combined” – another person chirped.

Plenty of people in the comment section tagged Dana White’s personal account and went on to vouch for the exotic dancer’s skill level.

UFC is no stranger to hiring from that field, last year Vanessa Demopoulos went viral after jumping into Joe Rogan’s arms after her victory in the octagon. UFC’s Vanessa Demopoulos even wrote a guide book for exotic dancers after she suffered a horrible concussion on the job.