Rampage Jackson the latest MMA veteran to come out as flat earther

In a surprising revelation on the Schaub podcast accompanying UFC 296, MMA veteran Rampage Jackson openly declared himself a believer in the flat Earth theory. Jackson joins the ranks of other MMA figures like Bryce Mitchell, Eddie Bravo, and Kron Gracie who have also expressed similar views.

During the podcast, Rampage questioned the controversy surrounding flat Earth beliefs, emphasizing the alignment with interpretations from historical texts such as the Bible. He pondered, “Why do people care if others believe in the Earth the way that the Bible describes it? Why do people get so mad about that?”

This admission adds Rampage Jackson to the growing list of MMA personalities who have embraced flat Earth beliefs, sparking discussions and debates within the fighting community. The topic gained attention when figures like Bryce Mitchell and Eddie Bravo participated in the flat Earth documentary ‘Level With Me.’


Kron Gracie, another notable name in MMA, previously went on extensive rants about the flat Earth, even questioning the existence of satellites. He raised doubts about the functionality of satellites, particularly in remote locations like mountains, where consistent service is expected.

The podcast discussion highlights the diverse perspectives within the MMA community, bringing attention to the intersection of personal beliefs and public scrutiny, particularly in unconventional topics like the shape of the Earth.