Paulo Costa taken to a police station after allegations he elbowed a nurse

Paulo Costa may be a twitter darling but he’s proven to be a bit testy in real life. The middleweight contender was recently taken to a police station after a ‘misunderstanding’ at a medical facility.

Brazilian outlet Globo was the first to report. As per sources, Paulo Costa wanted to get proof that he was vaccinated – without receiving the vaccine.

31 year old athlete is currently preparing to go through a weight cut in order to finalize date when he’ll face former Middleweight champion Luke Rockhold.

At the medical facility, staff alleged Costa elbowed a nurse over a vaccination card.

This allegedly happened Monday night in a shopping center in the Metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte.

According to the police, Paulo Henrique Costa, known as “Paulo Borrachinha” went to the room designated for vaccinations against Covid 19 and said he wanted to be vaccinated.

“The card was filled out. The workers said that, at the time of application, he did not accept to be vaccinated, he wanted to leave with the card and they did not accept it. At that moment, a nurse was elbowed”, said municipal guard Marco Mota.


As for Costa – he allegedly presented another version of the event.

 “He said he got the vaccine, but the nurses didn’t let him go out with the card. He said it generated stress, he took the card and left. At that moment, a nurse grabbed him by the arm and he broke free. He doesn’t acknowledge the elbow”, detailed the guard.


The nurse in question didn’t require medical attention and told security her lips were swollen. According to security there is no CCTV coverage of the room.

Those involved in the incident were referred to the local Police station.