Muhammad Ali’s grandson Biaggio issues apology following controversial TKO win

Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of the legendary Muhammad Ali, has taken a proactive step by offering a sincere apology following a contentious knockout victory. This apology comes after a rather unconventional conclusion to his sixth MMA bout, which marked his fifth appearance under the PFL banner.

Ali Walsh returned to the octagon in New York for a showcase amateur contest against Ed Davis as part of the PFL’s semi-final card. However, the encounter stirred controversy when Ali Walsh secured victory in the second round through a series of consecutive right-hand strikes.

The referee swiftly intervened, halting the bout before any ground and pound action could unfold, which left Davis visibly appealing the stoppage, eager to continue the round and prove his mettle.

In response to the outcome, Ali Walsh, 24, candidly acknowledged the crowd’s dissatisfaction and shared his perspective on the situation, stating, “Let’s be real guys, that was an early stoppage. It probably would have gone another round.”

Ali Walsh displayed humility and compassion, expressing his respect for his opponent and the challenges he faced. He continued, “I caught him with a right hand and for half a second I thought he was out, I’m sure that the ref thought the same thing and that’s why he stopped the fight early.”

Expressing empathy for Davis, Ali Walsh’s words demonstrated his sportsmanship as he highlighted his opponent’s resilience, saying, “But Ed’s a tough guy, much respect to him. It’s refreshing to hear some of the nice things about me because I get a lot of hate.”

Despite the mixed emotions and circumstances surrounding the fight, Ali Walsh emphasized the value of the victory, asserting, “A win’s a win, I don’t know what to say, guys, I’m sorry.”

The apology was not limited to the contentious ending but extended to the audience as well. Ali Walsh acknowledged the spectators’ anticipation for a full three-round contest and regretted not being able to deliver that experience.

He graciously addressed the crowd, stating, “He’s a tough guy, usually I put people out in the first round. It went to the second round, so I’m getting the experience of more cage time. I’m sorry you guys couldn’t see a full three-round fight. I’m sorry.”