MMA analyst Brendan Schaub doesn’t know the lightweight division, leaves fans rolling from laughter

Brendan Schaub has been on a steep downturn ever since he parted ways with Showtime. Schaub had long run two shows on the prestigious network – Big Brown Breakdown and Food truck diaries.

While Showtime has kept the channels – they were since given to Mortal Kombat featuring Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell. But that didn’t stop Schaub from birthing a new iteration of Food Truck Diaries on his own youtube channel Thicc boy network.

 Schaub’s iteration of Food truck diaries lacked production value so UFC Champion Francis Ngannou was even served cold McDonald Chicken Sandwiches from Schaub’s car trunk.

But Schaub keeps on churning content and his latest gaffe had fans rolling from laughter. The prolific podcaster and longtime MMA Analyst hosted UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler recently. During a discussion with Chandler he uttered the following:

“Your division is a little bit tied up. I think [Justin] Gaethje is gonna get the nose surgery, so he’s out for a while. You got Conor [McGregor] kind of looming over all you guys. You know you got Makhachev and Khabib [Nurmagomedov], who’s a big influence going Makhachev’s next.”

As if naming retired and inactive contenders wasn’t bad enough, Schaub went on to mix up the divisions and list a couple of welterweights in there.

“And then so it’s like this… and 55 [lightweight division] is so stacked. You got Dariush there. Then you got Belal Muhammad, and you know Sean Brady. So you got all this stuff going on a lot.”

Sean Brady reacted to this clip on Twitter. He retweeted this clip and reacted with three “woozy face” emojis.

Fans were quick to tear Schaub apart for his infamous ‘CTE’ brain.

“I’m more disappointed in Michael Chandler for playing along.” one fan writes.

Meanwhile another fan added:

“Oh no, Least he didn’t say “You got Joe Rogan in there.””

In the end of the day this is far from the worst gaffe out of Brendan Schaub. Schaub once asked UFC veteran Tim Kennedy if he found Hitler during the filming of his documentary show.

No word yet for why he chose to wear female sunglasses for the gig.