Michael Chandler even has a toilet paper sponsor heading into UFC 281

When we talk about UFC 281 we’re inclined to give a lot of consideration to Adesanya’s long awaited MMA rematch with old kickboxing foe Alex Pereira.

Behind the main event, Michael Chandler will be facing off against Dusting Poirier. The two are bound to deliver on the excitement however a lot of publicity has gone to Poirier who is coming off of a long layoff fresh with a new partnership with UFC.

Poirier inked a deal for his hot sauce company to be the official hot sauce of the UFC.

But while Michael Chandler doesn’t have a personal product – he pretty much made sure that every single thing he uses is sponsored.

In fact, Chandler even has a toilet paper sponsor which he had to incorporate into any content he makes around UFC 281.

Daniel Cormier found that out the hard way. Cormier was in Chandler’s hotel accommodations in order to conduct an interview with him ahead of the event when the following took place.

 “There are benefits to that. I’m walking around this room and fighters are talking about sponsorship and the shit that they do sponsor, sponsor, sponsor. In the bathroom, I go to take a piss. Sponsor the toilet paper. You’ve got your own toilet paper to the damn hotel room because your sponsored??”

“I mean, I know how many sponsors do you have?”

It should be noted that Chandler is one of the rare few that didn’t get the raw end of the deal with the UFC.

Dana White inadvertently revealed what Chandler was making while trying to justify UFC’s horrible pay scale way back. While White didn’t name a name specifically, Ariel Helwani later confirmed he was talking about Chandler’s contract when he said:

“A guy who’s on the prelims, never been a world champion, and I won’t mention his name, is making $750,000.” – White told Pardon My Take.

Helwani later confirmed this was Chandler. White misspoke about the prelims – the fact is Chandler’s bout was moved down the card in order to give coach Trevor Wittman room in between title bouts to dedicate to his athletes.

But despite all that Chandler is still hustling. In addition to featuring many sponsored products he also has his ‘fitness’ program where he boasts that you too can look like this before and after photo.