McGregor’s accuser claims NBA and Miami Heat offered $100,000 to not go public

Conor McGregor’s SA accuser is now targeting the Miami Heat, the NBA, and the Miami Police Department. According to her lawyer, she accused them of mishandling the aftermath of the alleged attack.

Attorney Ariel Mitchell alleges that both the Miami Heat and the NBA tried to cover up the incident that occurred on June 10 and offered the victim hush money. It is claimed that the NBA offered $100,000 to keep the incident quiet, although the offer was rescinded once the news broke.

Mitchell asserts that the Heat and the basketball league may be held liable for their alleged actions in relation to her client’s ordeal. She points out that some of the security guards present during the incident were not affiliated with Conor McGregor but were hired by the Heat.

As per dailymail Mitchell stated, “Some of the security guards who stood by when this happened were not McGregor’s. They were hired by the Heat. They decided to cater to a celebrity instead of protecting a young woman in trouble.”

According to Mitchell, the Miami police was indifferent to the alleged victim when she attempted to report the assault immediately after the incident at the Miami Heat’s downtown arena.

NBA’s chief communications officer Mike Bass firmly denied offering anything to the woman, stating: “This claim is categorically false.”

Mitchell explains that the woman faced multiple rejections during the reporting process. She said: “First, she went to the police precinct where she lives and there they told her to go to another precinct where this happened.”

“Then, at the rightful precinct, she walked in shortly after 4.30pm and, half an hour later, she was walked out of the police station.”

Mitchell reveals that the detective who met her convinced her not to file a proper report and instead advised her to hire an attorney before proceeding. The detective allegedly warned her that if she filed a complaint that day, it would become viral.

Mitchell stated: “He walked her out of the building in no time. The detective told her to hire an attorney before she files a police complaint. He told her: ‘If you file today, this will go viral.’ Of course, that convinced her to wait, and that’s not good for the investigation.”

A few days later on June 14, she hired Mitchell. She returned with her to the police station.

‘McGregor’s DNA’ was allegedly found on the accused victim’s garments from the night of the alleged attack. Mitchell claimed that her client turned up the items.

Mitchell claims, “Police didn’t even ask for it. ‘I had to tell them to put the clothes in evidence.”

McGregor is expecting his fourth kid with his fiancée, Dee Devlin. He is slated to face Michael Chandler in the autumn while still healing from a broken leg.

When her client arrived home in the early hours of June 10, she immediately began to think about the events at the arena. Mitchell said: “She was upset about it. She had a talk with her family and she decided to go to the police.”

Mitchell said that her client went to Miami over the weekend and is now in an unknown location outside of Florida, as she has been receiving threats.