Masvidal opens up about ‘deep depression’ after retiring and finding a way out with training

UFC star Jorge Masvidal has opened up about the deep depression he experienced after initially retiring from MMA and quitting training for nearly two months.

In a recent interview, Masvidal admitted that while he was 99% sure he wanted to retire going into his last card, there was a 1% part of him that had regrets after the decision was made.

“Between injuries and stuff like that, I was like, maybe it’s time to hang it up,” Masvidal said of his mindset before the fight. So he retired and then “didn’t do shit for, I don’t know, 45, 50 days.”

It was during that period of total inactivity when Masvidal fell into a state of severe depression. “This f***ing opposition have been doing my whole life,” he said of no longer training and fighting.

Masvidal’s depression was compounded by personal issues, including his father being incarcerated again on serious charges. “That’s when I hit rock bottom,” he revealed.

It was a punishing two-hour run that finally helped Masvidal break through the dark mental state he was in. “When I came back, I just felt so f***ing good, like I didn’t take anything”

“Nothing. I was feeling great,” he said.

From that day on, Masvidal committed himself to working out daily, whether he had a competition scheduled or not. The consistent training became therapy for the fighter after his battle with depression.

“I figured out a lot of problems that were going on at same time just when I was running,” Masvidal explained. “The answers just come to you.”

While he initially struggled after retiring, the 38-year-old now seems to have found peace and purpose in maintaining an active lifestyle through his training routine.