Logan Paul blasts UFC veteran Brendan Schaub for siding with Danis: This bums me out

As the highly anticipated showdown between YouTube sensation Logan Paul and MMA powerhouse Dillon Danis draws near, tensions reach a boiling point. The buzz surrounding this bout is electrifying, with both combatants locked in a war of words that has spilled over onto social media platforms.

Dillon Danis ignited the flames by sharing pictures of Logan’s fiancée, the Danish supermodel Nina Agdal. The relentless onslaught prompted Agdal to seek legal protection, resulting in a restraining order and a lawsuit seeking damages exceeding $150,000.

In response, Logan Paul cryptically hinted at possessing information about Danis and insinuated that the legal battle could cost Danis dearly. Logan said that even if Dillon wins the lawsuit, he would still be out hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills.

Even Jake Paul speculates that Danis may be compelled to go through with the match to offset his mounting legal expenses. But Logan asserts that if Danis loses the legal dispute, his earnings would likely be garnished for a while.

Former MMA artist and comedian Brendan Schaub responded to a segment from Jake Paul’s podcast by saying it “bummed him out.”

Taking to Twitter, Schaub lamented, “This bums me out. First rule of fight club: 1. Don’t sue another fighter building the fight.”

Logan Paul wasted no time in responding to Schaub’s comments, asserting that the comedian’s recent sentiments sharply contradicted their private exchange just weeks prior.

Paul revealed, “It bums me out that three weeks ago, I DM’d you Nina’s lawsuit details because of your ignorance and your response was, ‘Oh Jesus. Did not know that. Not cool.’ …Then, you come on here talking about fight club rules like you’re the referee. This twisted ‘promotion’ has gone FAR beyond the fight game and you know that.”

“Plus, I’m not the one suing him. He picked a fight with an innocent woman who is standing up for herself the only way she can: by holding a predator legally accountable for breaking the law — any person who doesn’t understand that is a delusional twat. The lawsuit is HER choice, and I fully support her.”

“Now I get to break his face in front of millions of people & ruin his entire life. Win win.”

Paul obviously feels optimistic about his prospects against Danis. The event on October 14 has become one of the most anticipated influencer boxing nights ever because of this feud.