KSI wants Dillon Danis to retire from the Combat sports community ‘if he loses to a Youtuber’

Famous Youtuber KSI addressed Dillon Danis’ doubts about their boxing match happening.

Danis made a fuss about a clause regarding weigh ins that limited the amount of weight he could recover on the day of the event.

The clause has since been taken out as to prevent Danis from pulling out. KSI said that Danis has made too much trouble for him and shouldn’t run away.

Controversial MMA athlete Dillon Danis is set to face UK Youtuber named ‘KSI’ in the boxing ring. Previously, Danis made headlines when he attended the weigh in of KSI’s boxing promotion Misfits Boxing. The 29-year-old had an altercation with KSI where he struck and tossed a coffee at the YouTuber as they came face to face.

The pair eventually agreed to settle their business in the squared circle. They will exchange blows on 14th January at the MF & DAZN X Series 004 event. The event will be held in London, England at the OVO Arena.

On his recent Youtube channel, KSI talked about Danis’ behavior of easily contemplating pulling out when something doesn’t go his way.

Dillon says he is going to knock me out. He said all this sh*t. He threw coffee to my face. Imagine he pulls out. Oh my god. He should never enter any combat sports ever again.” – KSI said.

He added, “He can’t even fight a little nerd. Honestly, if Dillon pulls out, he should get shamed for life.”

Danis was a bit careless previously and went on to say he could beat KSI without even training.