Bellator CEO says Dillon Danis still under contract, won’t prevent him from boxing KSI

Dillon Danis was once a promising prospect in MMA and has been reduced to a joke lately thanks to frequent call outs targeting some of the UFC’s biggest stars who have proven themselves time and time again.

Danis underwent two consecutive knee reconstructions and has been out of the mixed martial arts game for close to three years.

In the mean time he’s stayed in the headlines thanks to relentless promotions of crypto projects and being somewhat of a laughing stock for the community.

Danis was even ridiculed by Ariel Helwani after going on his show and trying to convince the audience Jake Paul’s boxing matches are fixed without providing any concrete evidence.

Danis is slowly picking up steam again, thanks to his scheduled boxing debut against UK youutuber KSI. Danis had a more lucrative chance to face Logan Paul on the table, however that fell apart after Paul hurt his knee at a WWE event.

Danis will be making his boxing debut on January 14th – and Bellator seems to be on board with the move.

Bellator head Scott Coker confirmed they’ve been trying to get Danis to return to MMA but recognized this is a lucrative opportunity for the athlete that’s been sidelined for years:

“Dillon wants to go take this boxing fight, and I said, ‘Goodluck, you’re gonna have your hands full.’ He is still under contract, and we’ve been trying to get him to fight for a long time. But he saw an opportunity with KSI, and so I wished him luck. It’s a good deal for him, I don’t want to hold him back and be that promoter.”

Danis doesn’t have the support of Conor McGregor heading into the celebrity boxing world – he confirmed that McGregor likely isn’t even aware of the move a while back.

“If you call him right now, will he pick up?” KSI questioned his opponent about McGregor during their back-and-forth exchange on Kai Cenat’s live broadcast.

“If you’re there like, ‘Hey yo, it’s Danis.’ Is he going to be like, ‘Who? Who the f*** is Danis? ‘ You used to be his b**** boy right?”

Danis replied:

“He doesn’t know about the fight. He’s not interested in me fighting a YouTuber… This is like little s***. He’s more worried when I fight MMA and I fight real fighters.”