Kron Gracie was disrespectful to UFC staff, alleges UFC 288 opponent

Kron Gracie is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and member of the legendary Gracie family. He’s also a member of the Diaz crowd, a flat earther and has very limited understanding of the real world outside of his bauble.

Gracie has been battling with depression for ages, stemming from an incident in which he ended up consuming a little too much grass and passed out and had a near death experience.

This ended up inspiring one of his Rizin speeches and the trademark homeless look he’s been sporting ever since.

Gracie’s last win was in 2019, where he secured a first-round submission win over Alex Caceres. He followed it up with a questionable performance in a loss to Cub Swanson.

According to Jourdain, Gracie seems detached and uninterested in being there. In an interview with TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter, Jourdain shared his views on Gracie’s behavior.

Jourdain: “All week, people from the UFC, people everywhere said they had bad interactions with (Kron), he was very disrespectful.”

He said that Gracie appeared nonchalant towards everyone and did not want to be there. Jourdain also revealed that Gracie had been disrespectful towards other people from the promotion during week.

As part of the UFC PPV card obligations, Gracie was matched with Henry Cejudo for poster signings.

The interaction between the two was filmed as part of the UFC Embedded vlog series. The meeting did not go well, and Gracie seemed annoyed with Cejudo when he enquired about Nate Diaz’s absence from his corner.

Gracie then walked away and continued the signing after Cejudo was done.