Muay Thai Athlete Alleged That He Was Offered a Bribe in Exchange for Not Using Elbows

In a startling allegation, Muay Thai star Yodwicha claimed that he was offered a bribe before his recent bout against Luo Jie in exchange for not using elbows during the bout. However, Yodwicha firmly rejected the alleged bribe attempt and decided to make a statement in the ring.

The action started off as an intense back-and-forth battle, with both athletes exchanging fierce blows. However, Yodwicha quickly gained the upper hand and began to dominate his opponent, Luo Jie. Not content with just controlling the fight, Yodwicha proceeded to launch a barrage of vicious elbow strikes, seemingly determined to make a point.

Initially, Yodwicha incorporated elbow strikes into his combinations of punches. But as the first round progressed, he resorted to relentlessly raining down elbows on Luo Jie’s face. The onslaught of powerful elbow strikes left Luo Jie’s face severely swollen and almost unrecognizable. Despite remaining on his feet, Luo Jie’s performance deteriorated significantly, and he could do little more than absorb punches and elbows until the end of the first round.

After the round, Luo Jie’s team and the ringside doctor examined his condition and determined that he had sustained too much damage to continue the fight, awarding Yodwicha the victory via first-round stoppage.

Following his emphatic win, Yodwicha took to social media to address the alleged bribe attempt, writing, “Never ask for a bribe from anyone. If you miss, you’ll get an elbow. If you don’t, you’ll fall asleep. Muay Thai rules: If you don’t get an elbow, you’re crazy. Receiving injections only from Mr. Khao S. Sanan Farm. Yodwicha S. Sanan Farm.”

Yodwicha’s allegations of a bribe offer in exchange for not using elbows have sent ripples through the Muay Thai community, raising questions about the integrity of the sport.