(Video) Prowrestling gender reveal match thrown by Logan Paul and fiance

YouTube sensation turned WWE star Logan Paul and his fiancée Nina Agdal have made headlines once again. This time, they did so by unveiling the gender of their upcoming baby in a truly extravagant fashion.

In a heartwarming announcement earlier this April, Logan Paul accompanied by his newly engaged partner Nina Agdal shared the joyous news of their upcoming parenthood. The couple took to Instagram on April 13th to reveal a glimpse of their happiness, showing off Agdal’s sonogram with the caption “Another Paul coming this fall.”

Fast forward to April 27th, and the anticipation surrounding the gender reveal of Logan and Nina’s baby reached its peak. Instead of opting for conventional methods, the two orchestrated a one-of-a-kind gender reveal party that left everyone surprised.

On April 27, two wrestlers competed in a backyard bout organized by WWE U.S. Champion Logan Paul. One competitor wore blue trunks, while the other wore pink ones.

As friends and family gathered around eagerly awaiting the outcome, the intense match ensued. Each blow exchanged between the wrestlers intensified the excitement. Until finally, the contender clad in pink emerged victorious.

The winner of the wrestler in pink signaled the joyous revelation that Logan Paul and Nina Agdal are expecting a baby girl. The YouTuber and his fiancée both wore pink in the hopes of becoming parents to a daughter and were thrilled with the revelation.

Notably, Paul’s hydration beverage company Prime added excitement to the festivities. Customized ‘boy or girl’ bottles were present the venue, enhancing the ambiance of anticipation. Additionally, a lively mascot graced the occasion, adding a touch of charm to the festivities.

Logan Paul and Nina Agdal’s gender reveal party transcended expectations, captivating audiences. As they start on this new chapter of their lives, fans are excited to see what is next for the couple.