BKFC President Once Took a Pair of Pliers to a Man’s Achilles

In a startling revelation from a new book, it has come to light that David Feldman, the president of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), allegedly took revenge on a man who had abused his mother years ago.

The story is detailed in Stayton Bonner’s book “Bare Knuckle”, which chronicles the journey of boxing veteran Bobby Gunn. According to the book, Feldman confronted a man who had previously assaulted his mother when Feldman was just 6 years old.

The assault left his mother paralyzed after being beaten, thrown from a car, and run over.

Decades later, Feldman tracked the man down with the intention of enacting retribution. The book states that after confirming the man’s identity, Feldman grabbed him, choked him, and prepared to potentially shoot him. However, he opted for a different form of payback.

In a cringe-inducing sequence, the book alleges that Feldman took out a pair of pliers and clamped them onto the man’s achilles tendon. He then repeatedly squeezed the pliers, continuing to tighten the grip until the tendon snapped with a sickening “pop.” Feldman then simply left, leaving the man unable to walk as punishment for the decades-old crime against his mother.

While the story seems nearly too harsh to be true, previous news reports have indeed corroborated the horrific assault on Feldman’s mother when he was a child. Whether this particular act of vigilante justice occurred remains unverified.

Fans of the fast-rising BKFC promotion are now operating with the knowledge that their president has allegedly engaged in this type of behavior stemming from trauma in his youth. The revelation paints Feldman as a man capable of immense cruelty, even if the motivations were rooted in protecting family.

This revelation first went viral on twitter thanks to attorney Erik Magraken of combatsportslaw.com.