Influencer claims that Jon Jones was harassing a bi comedian and repeatedly grabbing his groin

Questionable comedian and influencer Def Noodles has made  allegations against former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and current  Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, accusing him of harassing a bisexual comedian during a recent encounter. The incident allegedly took place when Jones had his arm around a girl while repeatedly grabbing the groin of the bi comedian sitting next to her.

According to Def Noodles, who witnessed the incident, Jones’ behavior was inappropriate and unwelcome. “I was observing and Jon had his arm around his girl, right, who had I guess like a New Zealand type accent, but he was reaching over to a comic who was sitting there next to his girl and he was touching him in ways that were not appropriate,” Def Noodles said in a recent interview.

The bi comedian, identified as Mike, allegedly tried to move Jones’ hands away, but Jones persisted. Def Noodles intervened, taking the stage later that evening and addressing the incident. “When I got up on stage eventually, I said, well, you know, it seems like you’re touching Mike. That’s his name. You don’t f**k Mike, Mike f**ks you, you know,” Def Noodles recalled.

The allegations against Jones, who has a history of controversy, have sparked concern within the entertainment and sports communities and gave wind to MMA Guru’s viral video accusing Jon Jones of being closeted. Def Noodles’ account paints a disturbing picture of Jones’ behavior, highlighting his disregard for personal boundaries and respect.

The incident raises questions about Jones’ character and his treatment of others. While Jones has yet to respond to the allegations, Def Noodles’ eyewitness account has sparked a wider conversation about consent and inappropriate behavior.

On February 9, 2024, Dennis Feitosa (better known as Def Noodles) uploaded a video from the Los Angeles Comedy Club on YouTube. The footage showcased the comedian engaging with an audience member. He claimed that the individual displayed signs of being under the influence and was none other than Jon Jones.

As Def Noodles took the microphone to started his act, a witty and awkward interaction unfolded between him and the person assumed to be Jones. During the exchange, Feitosa encouraged everyone to embrace the individual before departing.

To that, the person retorted: “I’m more like the type to put my finger in your b***hole. That’s how we get down. That’s how we say I love you.”

The timestamp at the 2:00 mark of the video revealed that the person claimed to be from Rochester, New York, and currently residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is coincidentally the same locations where Jon Jones has lived. This connection raised speculation that the UFC champion might be the individual in the video.