Khabib: Makhachev will finish Oliveira in Brazil with Brazilian jiu jitsu

According to Khabib Nurmagomedov, Islam Makhachev should next compete for the vacant UFC lightweight title against Charles Oliveira. He also said that his old buddy Makachev is willing to go to Oliveira’s native Brazil if given the opportunity.

After missing weight before his first-round win over Justin Gaethje at UFC 274 back in May, Oliveira lost the 155-pound championship title. UFC has not yet decided who the Brazilian star will face, when they will fight, or where they will fight for the vacant belt.

Makhachev first suggested the two clash at UFC 281. The card is scheduled for October 22 in Abu Dhabi. But due to previous experience with the MMA judges there Oliveira’s team seems unwilling.

This isn’t reciprocal, Makhachev and his squad now seem willing to take on Oliveira in Brazil. Brazil is not currently the scheduled location of any UFC events. As per Dana White, the organization is looking forward to going back to Brazil however scheduling has been a nightmare now that most entertainment acts are back to touring.

Khabib told Ag. Fight:

“This is not Islam or Khabib’s organization, this is UFC [and] they have owners. They make these decisions.”

“Ok, if they say Brazil, we’ll love this. Come to Brazil, fight with Brazilian champion and finish him with Brazilian jiu-jitsu style. I love this. What you think about this? It’s gonna be hard?”

“I really believe Islam can finish him on the ground. I really believe this. Now you guys gonna judge me because I believe to Islam, but who cares? Who cares? If they say Brazil, OK, let’s go Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo.”

Khabib fought his third UFC bout in Brazil in January 2013. During the event, he finished Thiago Tavares with vicious elbows.

Khabib had vacated the lightweight championship title before Oliveira won it. At the official weigh-ins for that event, Khabib donned a t-shirt that said, “if sambo was easy it would be called jiu-jitsu.”

Khabib added:

“I fight one time in Sao Paulo, Thiago Tavares. It was very short fight, one and a half minute, boom.”

“Before fight everybody said I was gonna die. After fight, everybody take picture with me. It’s gonna be same thing with Islam and Charles Oliveira.”