Tony Ferguson calls himself a company man after blasting UFC, was ready to face Makhachev in Abu Dhabi

Ferguson is eager to join an official MMA team after his knockout loss to Michael Chandler at UFC 274 last weekend.

Ferguson was caught early in the second round and knocked out for the first time in his career.

In his first interview after UFC 274, he handled the loss nicely.

While most boxers train at a large gym-like American Top Team or City Kickboxing, Tony has spent the last several years working with hand-picked trainers and training partners.

His cornermen and coaches have changed in each of his previous four bouts.

Ferguson identified several gyms that have contacted him.

Ferguson told MMA Junkie “I’ve had ‘Pit Master’ reach out to me – John Hackleman,” Ferguson said. “You have Jackson-Wink, as well. You have Syndicate out in Vegas. You have the UFC P.I. You have many, many people. But I haven’t put myself out there.”

Prior to UFC 274, Ferguson blamed his losing streak on his past cornermen and the power struggle between them.

“I put myself away from the interviews, I put myself away from the teams thinking I could do this by myself. And I did it. I’ve done this by myself for a very long time with the help of a select few individuals, and I’ve been very fortunate to have that. But I’m ready to be part of a team again.”

Ferguson plans to return to the Octagon after putting together his new training crew.

“What I’ve always done is call my shots with the UFC,” Ferguson said. “I’m a shot-caller with the UFC. Any time I want a fight I always bring myself presentable. My relationship with Dana is decent. I might say a couple things and act on it, but that’s not me retaliating.”

“That’s me defending myself. That’s me being able to speak and have balls. Be a man. For a while there I felt like I had to be quiet and earn my respect and earn my value, but I stopped worrying about all that sh*t.”

“When I’m ready to fight I will let the UFC know, and I guarantee you they’ll let me know, too, ‘Hey, this is who we have.’ I was ready for (Islam) Makhachev in Abu Dhabi if some things would’ve been a little bit different. ”

“But I try to take these opportunities and present them so I’m there for the company. They know I’m a company man, and that’s why they said I’m not going anywhere.”