Joe Rogan outs himself as a Bobby Lee supporter amidst Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen bullying drama

Brendan Schaub had a very dramatic episode in this first half of 2022. It all started with a benign anecdote on another podcast about a male comedian that was making unwelcome advances toward that show’s hosts Annie Lederman and Khalyla Kuhn.

As per Schaub, he was misinformed that he was named in the anecdote which prompted the situation to escalate. And it didn’t escalate with Lederman – or with Kuhn. Instead Schaub and his bff turned social pariah Bryan Callen phoned Callen’s longtime friend Bobby Lee and started pressuring and bullying him about a separate matter.

Lee described the call, claiming he was physically threatened and accused that he is behind the rancid fanbase of Brendan Schaub on reddit. And according to the dynamic TFATK duo the evidence was 300 pages long.

The 300 page investigation has since been debunked as two screenshots of html code.

Of course Callen was soon outed by Kuhn as having used the reddit threat before against others – and Schaub was outed for having lobbied more successful comedians in order to blacklist Lee’s wife Khalyla Kuhn and or Lee.

Pretty much everyone assumed this meant Joe Rogan, Schaub’s rumored former paramour Whitney Cummings and East coast comedian Andrew Schulz.


Schaub has been on somewhat of a war path as of late, threatening to sue everyone from Kuhn to small youtube commentators with his ‘powerful’ legal team. 

But while most people assumed Rogan would stand behind longtime friends Schaub and Callen – this isn’t the case. During a recent discussion with Lex Friedman, Rogan revealed he was displeased to be dragged into other people’s drama and confirmed he was among those that called Lee and told him he was on his side.

“Yeah, I love Bobby Lee, I saw he was on your show.” Rogan told Friedman
“By the way, Bobby Lee has been invited to my podcast, multiple times.” Rogan clarified.

Bobby Lee was on the other side of the Carlos Mencia joke stealing fiasco and has been reluctant to go on JRE for a number of years. Lee is not a Mencia defender however he does feel indebted to Mencia who helped him out tremendously at the beginning of his career. Mencia was famously exposed by Rogan at the Comedy Store and as a result of having filmed that incident, Rogan was banned from the establishment for a number of years.

“I’m gonna have to reach out to him. I might have to fly to LA and hold his hand and drag him on a flight.” Rogan said of Bobby Lee.

Friedman, who hosted Lee several days back countered: “He just needs that real invitation.”
To which Rogan replied: “He knows I love him, I cry. Because there’s been a lot of drama lately. And one of the things that happened was somehow or another My name got entered into this thing.”

“And I don’t want to get into in too much detail. But I’m like, Okay, I must call Bobby.”

“And I called him and I said, Listen, I don’t know what kind of I’m just hearing about this nonsense now, but I love you.”

“I would never let anybody talk about about you. I would never let anybody come on my show and talk bad about about you. I think you’re an awesome guy. I think you’re incredibly talented. And I know that you have fear of like performing and putting out a special and stuff like that. But I really think you should because I think you’re one of the best comedians alive and I think and I’ve said that to him. Many, many times.” Rogan concluded.

This parallels what Lee has said on a Tigerbelly episode following the Brendan Schaub guest spot. Lee confirmed he received messages of support – but didn’t specify who exactly texted him that they were “team Bobby” as he and Kuhn put it.