Evidence Reveal: Brendan Schaub’s ‘cyber investigation’ is laughable, exonerates Bobby Lee

Khalyla Kuhn recently guested on the h3h3 podcast along with her longtime boyfriend comedian Bobby Lee. There, Bobby Lee visibly struggled to address the situation he was going through with Brendan Schaub. Lee had expressed fears that he was being physically threatened in addition to being bullied by people he had considered ‘friends’.

While Schaub felt Kuhn had exposed him – he and his friends went after Lee in order to curtail her.

“It was not just him. There was a whole barrage it was it was I’m not gonna but it was a phone call with other podcasters and it was some bulls**t blog do bro not flogged me they threatened my career.”

“They called me a coward a p**sy. You’ve always been opposed sorry. And and they said they would expose me they said that all these things.”

To Schaub’s credit he then went on the podcast Bobby Lee co-hosts with his wife Khalyla Kuhn and tried to make excuses.

Schaub’s justification for the bullying was that he allegedly believed that Lee was behind online abuse targeted toward him and his family.

“That’s the internet that’s it. That’s what we sign up for. But when it crosses over into harassment of my family, death threats, my kids, going after my sponsors, companies that I work with my business, that’s that’s where it gets dicey.”


Brendan made a lot of attempts to blur the timeline and make it as if his ‘fanbase’ catching him in lies had something to do with both Kuhn and Lee. Here Schaub offered that he had 300 pages of evidence to corroborate claims that Lee was behind criminal behavior targeting him.

Khalayla explains that Schaub told her that an official investigation:

“noticed a barrage of comments linked to one ip address, linked to a computer from my home as they continued to investigate they were able to retrieve 300 pages of evidence that either bobby or i were responsible for the six years of subreddit harassment towards you, Joanna and your kids, right? ”

“All six years to one home address. I said: But Schaub, we’ve only lived here for two and a half! How is this possible?”

“Then i said, let me get this straight, you’re telling me that while investigating abuse case the feds were like yeah let’s put this beaten baby case to rest and pursue Schaub’s online harassment instead”

This exchange led to Schaub agreeing to send 300 pages of documents collected by these officials.

But the documents never came. Instead Schaub lobbied his more powerful friends against Khalyla and Lee. During the podcast appearance Schaub  confirmed that while he can’t send the evidence, he can let the two see it after the podcast.

Khalyla shared the following about the ‘evidence’ during the last episode of Trash Tuesdays:

“So I also wanted to clarify for the audience that watched a tiger belly episode, that Schaub  said that he had like 300 pages of evidence against us. But then it was never shown to us or our production team, even though I had continued to ask for it ,right. ”

“But at the end of the show, he was like, I will show you after the show, but I’m like, Well, my audience is not going to know what we’ve seen. So I’m putting this information on trash Tuesday.”

“Instead, what we saw was a very zoomed in photo of HTML codes, numbers, no context on a paper. ”

“And you know, when you encircle something on your phone with read, it just said, the company’s email, and then he showed me another page, all HTML code, no context, completely zoomed in. And it said Robert Lee, which is not even Bobby’s, like government name.”


” But those are two things that I saw and I was like, Brendan, this is a joke. This is a Mickey Mouse like someone could have just sent you this my mom could have just photoshopped this.” Khlyla later added.

“I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt however, and I am – his team is now working with my production because to me when I saw it I was like, I like… with all due respect, Brendan, but this cannot be real. Like this is a joke and he was like well, so we’re still working.”

Ledderman later had some very funny commentary on Schaub’s attempt to evoke empathy.

” I didn’t realize he was being so bullied that he was afraid for his life is what he was saying. And I guess when he asked me to walk into the truck, he wasn’t wanting to do sexual favors. ”

“I’m so embarrassed by that. But he needed like an escort because he was scared that the haters were gonna come. And I actually guys I actually made a petition to not be mean on the internet anymore.”