Joe Rogan Experience Disappears From Spotify Again, Fans Panic

Joe Rogan Experience has had a rocky time over on Spotify. After successfully dealing with the controversy featuring Dr.Robert Malone and Dr. Peter Mccullough it has come out that Rogan had used a racial slur roughly 80 times during the long tenure of his podcast.

This had made many fans fearful they would be left without Rogan’s presence in their daily lives. JRE reportedly has over 11 million downloads per episode.

Spotify had condemned the use of a slur and promised to finance content from minorities to the tune of $100 M in the fall out from the backlash.

It later came out that Spotify had paid Rogan more than $200 M for the right to be the exclusive distributer of the podcast.

Regardless of the backlash they’re choosing to support Rogan’s freedom of speech – mainly because it’s in their corporate interest.

But some fans aren’t sure of Spotify’s support. This is why a brief period during which the podcast wasn’t available across the globe, sent many fans into a frenzy.

With many fans threatening to cancel their Spotify subscriptions thanks to the outage the support was quick to debunk the conspiracy.

The truth is somewhat simpler – Spotify’s service has been buggy for as long as it has existed and the down time is likely unrelated to the Public relations crisis Joe Rogan is facing. Spotify certainly isn’t as anti woke as some in Rogan’s circle would have you believe.