Joe Rogan breaks down how Jon Jones’ heavyweight debut against Francis Ngannou would go

Joe Rogan recently had the pleasure of hosting a PED expert of More plates more dates infamy on his podcast. Rogan and Derek discussed a variety of topics including PED use by celebs, fitness models, actors and even UFC athletes.

The two even admired a pending match UFC is trying to make. According to multiple sources, UFC is targeting Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou for March 2023. Ngannou is currently renegotiating contract – and it’s going better now that he and his agent both left CAA – a rival company to UFC’s Endeavor.

Jones is one of the biggest active superstars in UFC despite the 3 year break – and the PED controversy attached to him.

Rogan broke down some interesting aspects of their match up during the recent podcast detailing:

“The question is, has Francis gotten better with grappling? Well, he definitely has because he beat Ciryl Gane with grappling. That was the fight he fought with his blown out leg… ”

“Francis beat him with grappling so Francis’s grappling even with a f**ked up leg has gotten a lot better. But has it got to Jon Jones’ level? That’s the big question. Jon took down Daniel Cormier who’s an Olympic wrestler.”

In Rogan’s opinion, Jon Jones’s claim to be the MMA G.O.A.T cannot be contested. However, the UFC color commentator thinks Jones may have taken a break that was too lengthy.

Rogan praised Jones’ grappling and distance control. However, he is eager to see how well those abilities transfer to heavyweight. The podcaster also thinks that Ngannou’s unmatched knockout ability offers him a significant edge over Jones while fighting on the feet.

Rogan also said to Derek:

“Jon is an absolute monster when it comes to grappling and he’s also just as tall as anybody in the heavyweight division. He has a phenomenal understanding of distance, he’s the very best at utilizing reach. When he goes up, how does he deal with these bigger guys? ”

“The thing about Francis, though, is that he has nuclear power. It’s a totally different kind of power… And Jon has to be very very very aware of that. Francis has a giant striking advantage, giant.”