“It Was a Robbery!” – Chimaev’s coach lashes out at judges over Kutateladze loss

Judging is one of the most controversial aspects in the sport of mixed martial arts. A fighter’s career is frequently jeopardized due to poor judging of a fight.

On Saturday, at UFC on ESPN 37 in Austin, Texas, Damir Ismagulov beat Guram Kutateladze. Many fans thought Guram Kutateladze was a victim of faulty judging at the event.

While the rest of the world gave their opinions, Kutateladze’s coach slammed the judges.

Andreas Michael shared a photo of the scorecard on his Instagram account. “Guram won this is a disgrace” he wrote along with the photo.

“Wtf were the judges looking at. The whole world thought it was a robbery! We got robbed 1&3 round was ours. Thanks ref for illegally standing them up as well. Can thing be more wrong! Absolute disgrace!”

“Doug Crosby was the only one that wasn’t on cra ck that night!” the coach said, tagging the boxer.

“You won Champ! We can’t finish all the fights that’s why we rely on the judges to do there fu****g job!”

In the event, Kutateladze was a small underdog competing against Ismagulov. However, Kutateladze stated, “I have complete faith in myself and have no doubt. I have a great deal of respect for my opponent, but I have to do what has to be done.”

“He’s helping me achieve my aspirations and objectives. Everything else is up to God.”

While Guram Kutateladze may have been the victim of poor judging, the UFC fighter plans to return soon. Fans are optimistic that Kutateladze will return strong.

This is especially convincing because he has tough training partners like Khamzat Chimaev with whom he has a good bond.

“He’s like my training partner, like all other guys in the gym…Of course, he is like my little brother, so I love him,” Kutateladze said.

Kutateladze also added that he and Chimaev have been training together for five years. It’s encouraging to witness the two fighters bond. Their fans and following will be eager to see what the future holds for them.