Logan Paul calls out Conor McGregor’s training partner Dillon Danis

YouTuber Logan Paul has announced his return to the ring after his last outing.

The 0-1 professional boxer, Paul, has not fought since his exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather last year. During the bout, Mayweather toyed with Paul for eight rounds before going the distance.

From the Pay-Per-View bout, Mayweather banked a huge $100 million. While Paul, on the other hand, earned $15 million. However, Paul has for months said that ‘Money’ has not fully paid him his due.

After clarifying that it took time to collect PPV money, Mayweather has now clapped back at Paul, claiming the 27-year-old is “clout-chasing” using his name.

“He wants part two. Now remember, this is the same guy that said he didn’t get paid.”

“So, a lot of times stop listening to all the bulls*** that people [say]. You know, like I say, clout-chasing.”

“You know, when you bring Floyd Mayweather name up, you stay relevant. I’m always the reaction. I’m not the action, I’m the reaction.”

But Paul also fires back at the five-division world champion while asking him to pay his purse. In Andrew Schulz’s podcast, he also called Mayweather a “punch drunk idiot”.

“Floyd Mayweather, you punch drunk idiot, read my lips. Oh wait, you can’t.”

“Where is my money, bitch? Floyd hasn’t paid me for our fight.”

“Who am I, the IRS? You can’t dodge taxes like you do punches, dummy.”

“How can you call yourself the greatest of all time when you couldn’t even finish me? What am I, high school?”

He also confirms his return to the ring, with Conor McGregor’s sparring partner Dillon Danis on his radar.

“That’s right, you’re up next, Dillon Danis. Question, what the f*** is up with your face, man?

“You look like a diabetic count chocula. You haven’t fought in three years.”

“OK, there are puppies in Sarah McLachlan’s commercials with more cage time than you.”

“In the arms of an angel. A perfect description of Dillon getting choked out by that bouncer.”

“And you know Dillon is also a bouncer – on Conor McGregor’s d***.”

While calling out several names in the podcast, Paul himself is unfit to fight at the moment. He reportedly suffered a hand injury this month after drunkenly hitting a punch machine in Hamburg, Germany.