Ian Machado Garry: My wife was called a ped*phile by Strickland, No woman ever deserves to be called that

UFC welterweight Ian Garry recently responded to derogatory comments made by middleweight Sean Strickland about Garry’s wife. During UFC London media day, Garry passionately defended his family against Strickland’s inappropriate remarks.

Garry explained that Strickland crossed the line by bringing his family into the trash talk.

He said: “My wife was called a ped*phile by Sean Strickland. No woman ever deserves to be called that. Right? That’s the truth.”

“My son, the people that follow Sean Strickland, [they] commented on a couple of my photos at the very start of all this hate, saying ‘Is the kid even his?’ I should never have to hear that. Now those two things, they emotionally get me.”

Garry made it clear that he takes comments about his family very personally. He suggested that he would eventually get his revenge on Strickland.

Garry continued: “I’ll pump the f**king mouth out of Sean Strickland one day, and there’d be nothing he can do about it. And I’ll talk to him. I’ll dance in his face. I’ll do whatever I want. Because the truth is when we get locked in that cage one day, he’s never gonna be able to deal with me.”

Garry went on to say how Strickland made a mistake by going way out of line. He said: “So for me, when you attack people in my circle when they don’t deserve it, that’s out of line.”

Garry believes Strickland’s comments reveal deeper issues. He said: “Sean Strickland is not the f**king voice we should all be listening to. You know what I mean? He’s deeply, deeply embedded with trauma. And he should just be silent and try to deal with his own personal issues himself.”

The heated rivalry between Garry and Strickland continues to escalate as the trash talk gets more and more personal. Garry made it clear he will defend his family at all costs against inappropriate comments. This bitter feud shows no signs of cooling down anytime soon.