‘Female Andrew Tate’ criticizes Women’s Sports following controversial flashing celebration

Pearl Davis is an influencer some refer to as the ‘Female Andrew Tate,’. She has caused a stir on social media after mocking “women’s sports” in response to a recent controversial incident.

During the KingPyn semifinals event, social media star Daniella Hemsley celebrated her unanimous decision victory over Aleksandra Daniel by lifting her shirt and flashing on the live broadcast.

A similar incident took place a while ago, when Czech models decided to randomly flash crowd ahead of octagon appearance.

Reacting to the incident, Pearl Davis took to Twitter to make a point about the perceived lack of respect for women’s sports compared to men’s sports. In a tweet replying to a video of Hemsley flashing, Davis stated, “Respect women’s sports.”

There was also the infamous case of Czech influencers making out at the face offs, and creating a publicity boom for themselves and the promotion.

Similar to Andrew Tate, Pearl Davis has gained immense popularity on the internet by voicing her opinions on contemporary topics, including feminism and gender identity politics. Her significant following across social media platforms has drawn comparisons to the renowned ‘Cobra.’

Interestingly, Pearl Davis has openly expressed her admiration for Andrew Tate and believes he positively influences young men, contrary to the criticisms he has faced.

In response to the viral Daniella Hemsley moment, Australian professional boxer and OnlyFans model Ebanie Bridges criticized Hemsley for flashing on live television. Ebanie Bridges has faced online ridicule for her own choice of attire for weigh ins, but she made a clear distinction between that and actually flashing during a live broadcast.

“I think tonight all y’all that complain / about me & say I “show my t***” saw what “showing your t**s” actually looks like… something I’d never do,” tweeted the IBF bantamweight world champion.

“There is weighing in in Underwear like everyone else… but having big boobs…. And then theres actually showing ur t*** on TV.”

“I get why she’s done it… she’s an “influencer” it’s all about views & she knows it would break the internet, get views & everyone would be talking about it.”