(Video) Joe Rogan’s Coughing Gaffe: Fans Crack Up Over Podcast Blunder

In the latest episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, renowned podcaster Joe Rogan inadvertently became the subject of widespread amusement due to a technical blunder involving his microphone.

The UFC color commentator noticed something off with his voice on a recent episode. However, he did startle the whole fan base with a cough.

Rogan presumed the microphone was muted and attempted to cough loudly. He said: “What the f**k is wrong with my voice today? [coughs, apparently believing the microphone was turned off] Thank God I got a cough button. I’m like a professional.”

The incident gained traction when an Instagram account shared a clip of the moment. It was accompanied by a caption poking fun at Rogan’s mishap.

The caption read: “Thank god for Joe Rogans cough button, he thought he was was muted when he let out a huge cough🤣 Jaime better get that fixed.”

The post quickly garnered attention, prompting a flood of reactions from fans across social media platforms.

Fans wasted no time in adding their comedic twist to the situation, flooding the comments section with humorous observations and speculations. One fan humorously likened Rogan’s cough to a potential sample for an electronic dance music track. He commented: “somebody out there using this as a sample for an edm song.”

Another fan recounted their own bemusement upon hearing the cough during the podcast, highlighting the unexpected nature of Rogan’s slip-up. He wrote: “heard that last night on audio and thought “that’s weird he didn’t use it when he said he has one”

Some fans couldn’t resist talking about Rogan’s well-known habits, particularly his affinity for smoking and psychedelic exploration. One fan wrote: “That’s nothing compared to this weed cough”

One fan even attempted to link Rogan’s cough to testosterone therapy, referencing the hormone’s potential impact on respiratory health. He commented: “trt cough”