Stranger than fiction: MMA Guru predicts McGregor will wear black face and ask Chandler to adopt him

The world of Mixed Martial Arts is no stranger to drama, but the latest prediction from a notable figure in the community has raised eyebrows and sparked conversation. The individual in question? None other than the infamous ‘MMA Guru,’ renowned for his bold predictions and unfiltered provocative commentary on all things UFC.

In a recent segment on his popular YouTube channel, the MMA Guru delved into the upcoming clash between two titans of the sport: Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. However, instead of dissecting strategies or predicting outcomes, the Guru took a different approach, focusing on the potential fireworks that could erupt during the press conference.

With trademark audacity, the MMA Guru foretold a scenario where McGregor, known for his penchant for crossing boundaries in verbal sparring, would stoop to a startling new low. According to the Guru’s prediction, McGregor would mock Chandler’s adopted children, going so far as to don black face and hilariously plead with Chandler to adopt him. In an odd yet strangely plausible imitation, the Guru even mimicked McGregor’s Irish brogue as he enacted the hypothetical scene.

The clip of the Guru’s outlandish prediction quickly gained traction on social media, with many fans divided over its potential authenticity.

While some dismissed it as mere speculation, others couldn’t shake the feeling that McGregor, notorious for his brash and controversial behavior, might actually resort to such tactics in the heat of battle.

The target of McGregor’s purported taunts, Michael Chandler, and his wife Brie, have been vocal advocates for adoption, welcoming two boys of African-American descent into their family.

Despite assumptions that their choice was racially motivated, Chandler has been quick to dispel such notions, emphasizing that love knows no color and that he sees his children simply as his children, regardless of race.

McGregor is no stranger to racially charged jibes. Besides his many inappropriate comments aimed at the Dagestani MMA community, he’s also made inappropriate comments towards Brazilians and African Americans during the respective build ups for Jose Aldo and Mayweather clash.