(Video) Czech models kiss at face offs ahead of their MMA clash

Two Czech models, Denisa Ryndova and Karina Pedro, created a stir ahead of their four-woman tag team MMA event at the O2 Arena in Prague.

As the models moved towards each other, instead of the traditional face offs seen in MMA, the redheaded Ryndova leaned in for a kiss.

Pedro seemed to enjoy as she grasped at Ryndova’s face before planting her lips on the redhead’s neck.

The moment of passion between the models gained attention across the MMA world, with many people talking about it on social media.

Following the bout, Ryndova shared on Instagram that the kiss was her “favorite moment of this whole crazy journey.”

Pedro is an adult star and a rapper. She previously made headlines by flashing the crowd alongside her MMA partner, Inked Dory, before and after their victory over Ryndova and her teammate Kristal Shine.

Winning the tag team MMA clash was a great satisfaction for Pedro, who shared her thoughts on Instagram by saying,

“We gave everything into the preparations and the match itself. And a person who has never faced his opponent in the ring can hardly imagine how difficult it is. A very powerful moment! We left our hearts in there. Thank you.”

This is certainly a unique way to market their event considering the two have made news across the globe.