(Video) Baffling moment goes viral: Czech MMA Promotion has Ring Girls flash the audience during opening

The use of female bodies to attract audiences in combat sports events is not new.

However, a recent event by a mixed martial arts promotion in the Czech Republic crossed the line as two ring girls literally flashed their assets during the opening announcement.

While the use of attractive women to attract audiences has been prevalent in combat sports for a long time, such an act is not just inappropriate, but also creates a negative impression of the event and the sport as a whole.

Ring girls have been part of combat sports events since the old days. These women have played a significant role in the glamour of these events. They are often attractive and well-groomed, with many having successful careers as models or in the entertainment industry.

Some may argue that their role is unnecessary, but the fact remains that they have become a part of the combat sports culture.

Ring girls are no longer the only ones using their attractive looks to attract audiences. In some instances, female combat sport stars have also employed this strategy. For instance, the current IBF female bantamweight champion wore a revealing bikini for the weigh ins ahead of her latest bout. This was a bold move that generated buzz ahead of her event.


While it’s not uncommon for promotions to push the boundaries when it comes to marketing, Clash of Stars’ recent event in the Czech Republic took it too far. The promotion’s opening announcement featured two pairs of ring girls flashing their assets for a few seconds right in front of the camera. This act was inappropriate, and while it may have generated some cheers and whistles from the crowd, it was not a good representation of the sport.

The act of flashing  is not new in combat sports events. A few months back, BKFC star Tai Emery did the same thing to celebrate her victory over Rung-Arun Kunchai. After the referee confirmed her victory, the star quickly stood on the ropes and flashed the crowd. This gesture, while not appropriate, was received warmly by the crowd. But Emery could’ve easily ended in jail considering this celebration broke the laws in Thailand.


While it’s no secret that the appeal of female form sells, there are limits to how far promotions should go to attract audiences.

The act of flashing during a combat sports event is inappropriate and sets a negative precedent. It’s important to remember that these events are watched by people of all ages, including youngsters.

As such, the use of adult content is not only inappropriate but also has the potential to turn away viewers. It’s important for combat sports promotions to find other ways to attract audiences, such as by promoting the sport’s athleticism, skill, and excitement.